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Ringer is an elite cooperative of independent senior marketers. We are expert at finding new customers, transforming brands, wrangling data, growing into new channels, all delivered with good cheer and contortionist level flexibility.

At Ringer we stand for the marketing leadership. We are your unbiased collaborators, not beholden to high overhead models or the reflexes to do things how they have always been done.

This elite team of marketers can tackle challenges single-handed or as integrated teams. From single projects to long-term strategic retainers,  our team of experts stands ready to scale.

Meet the Ringers

It's not so lonely at the top anymore

The Vision

Ringer provides middle market CMOs and agency leadership with deeply experienced partners to help brands grow faster at a lower cost. Our independence frees us from bias, enables scaling at will, and assures efficient collaboration.

We do this with a ruthless focus on the personal priorities of marketing leaders: delivering amazing work, finding and attracting new customers, creating bottom line performance and data driven strategies, and accelerating the transformation of brands.

How We Measure Up

Success comes from our fundamental commitment to the performance and prosperity of the senior marketer, not just their brand. Together we will challenge the status quo and deliver positive results.

Jonathan Ashton

Performance Marketing, Big Data

I find new customers and tell brand stories with data. Performance marketing, analytics, content marketing, audience development, brand transformation

Nike, McDonald's, Michelin, GSK, HP, CIT, Kraft111.

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Matt Biespiel

Brand Strategy (88 Lions...)

I give brands charisma to grow through robust brand strategies and irresistible creative content.

"Visa. It's everywhere you want to be"; '02 US Olympic Team Beret; McDonald's: i'm lovin' it; '14 World Cup, imlovinit24.

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Beth Graham

Digital Transformation in Legacy Industries

My special sauce is digital transformation in legacy industries including telecom, industrials and financial services.

Latest greatest client side: Led digital transformation and marketing automation at a $10B environmental services company. Client list on request.

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Ed Castillo

Brand Strategy (CSO @ Global Agencies)

I establish a brand's "disposition' and help the C-suite foster Brand Belief and encourage Brand Behaviors.

Hyatt, Mastercard, McDonald's, GoDaddy, Starbucks, MTV, HBO.

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Christian Riley

CRM, Influencer and eCommerce Strategy

I bring 15+ years of proven success delivering insights and audience driven creativity to global brands and start-ups.

SEO, Performance Content, Segmentation, and CRM for Nike worldwide plus start-up and early stage brand and marketing.

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Chris Callahan, Ph.D.

Data Wrangling and Analysis

I use statistical techniques and data analyses to understand and explain the audience behavior behind the numbers.

DDB LIfe Style Study, DDB Brand Capital Study, DDB HealthStyles Study and McDonald's, one among a hundred different clients.

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Karen E. Capen

Customer Experience Measurement

I measure audience and customer attitudes by providing guidance for strategic planning through applied survey research.

 Client list on request.

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Mindy Predovic

Audience Research and Strategy

I develop and implement unique, creative research methodologies to dig deep and uncover human truths.

General Mills, Facebook, Bertolli, Foster Grant, Maddock Douglas, Chamberlain.

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Bob Wiesner

Business Development Optimization

I help organizations win more new business by improving the way they position, sell and pitch.

TBWA\chiat\day, Team One, DDB, BBDO, KPMG, Arcadis, Deloitte.

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Stewart Campbell

B2B Customer Acquisition

I'm an expert in digital B2B Marketing - branding, lead generation, content, and search.

Bank of America, Estee Lauder, Sears, Dell.

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Barry Goldberg

Operations and Process Management

As a master of service delivery and operational restructuring, I work with agencies and clients to deliver better work at lower cost.

 Client list on request.

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