Solution Platforms for CMOs

Organize for Marketing Agility

How can Ringer help you succeed? Through collaboration with deeply experienced, cross-discipline, award-winning independent marketers, that's how.

We solve problems, find new customers, accelerate growth and help you make high impact decisions. We help control cost by supporting you at the right time and scale.

Ringer is your world-class marketing strategy and execution partner without the overhead, sluggishness and limitations of traditional consulting or agency models.

Bring us your most difficult challenges. Ringer will solve them.

Start with the Acceleration Day

How does Ringer get started? In the weeks following shaking your hand, we do a deep dive workshop, deconstructing how to find new customers and control costs today, and what needs to be done to build a productive marketing platform for the future.

Part-time and Bridge CMO Services

CEOs and CFOs! Finding the right senior marketer takes time. Your competitors are not waiting for you to catch up. Ringer can provide a part-time CMO or can platoon an expert team to give you time and to make sure your company doesn’t lose a step.

Soft Landing Support for New CMOs

We’ve been there. The first 150 days of a CMO’s tenure will determine chances for success. As new CMOs drink from the firehose, Ringer bridges gaps to keep core processes moving forward and can facilitate onboarding with agencies and teams.

Gap and Senior Leadership Coverage

Got a specialist challenge but not looking to make a permanent senior hire? Ringer covers these gaps as well as short-term vacancies in senior roles. We quickly inject fresh DNA and create processes in collaboration with your in-house team.

Turning Data into Creativity and Customers

Big Data does not necessarily ensure big impact. Ringer develops data platforms and processes to turn client side, media and social data into personalized experiences. More personal experiences lead to more committed customers.

Lead Gen and Revenue Growth Hacking

What is the purpose of marketing? Attracting and retaining customers of course. Ringer creates content and application-based sales enablement tools and develops account-based marketing platforms. We open new markets and find better ways to sell faster.

Marketing Analytics Activation

Is your marketing dashboard the central focus of your customer and growth strategy? Or is it just an artifact of what happened last week? Ringer turns your customer and performance data into drivers for improved performance.

Content Marketing Evolution

Anxious to wean your brand from advertising? Content, from tweets and blog posts to video and augmented reality, must align with brand strategy and audience requirements. Ringer makes content a capital investment in your brand’s future.

Channel Strategy and Tactics Optimization

Spending more than ever on new channels? How do you know they really drive results? Ringer creates analytics processes to determine channel performance, enabling budget allocation to follow channel productivity and content to be laser targeted.

Brand Transformation to Promote Growth

In our age of immediacy, brands are a combination of what they do in the world and what their customers think about them. Ringer will help make your brand a guiding force for company behavior and communications relevance.

Visual and Brand Identity Evolution

Consumers are more impulsive than ever. Does your brand deliver the visual punch it needs to stand above the noise? Everything from logo to trade show and package design will make or break your opportunity to stand out and make an impact.

Agency Search and Performance Evaluation

Our Ringers have decades of experience at some of the world’s very best agencies. Who better to help with finding the right partners, managing RFPs or structuring an equitable process to determine if the current agency is delivering the right stuff?

Media Transparency Audit and Cost Control

Welcome to the digital marketing third rail. Click fraud. Bot traffic. Brand integrity. Ghost audiences. And the sinking feeling that your banner ads aren't producing real value. Ringer helps get more bang from your media bucks.

Marketing Tech Decision Making Support

You know it best.  CMOs now buy more tech than CIOs. Are you equipped to navigate the slick sales reps and mumbo-jumbo jargon surrounding these decisions to get the best deal on the best tech? Ringer will help.

Ecommerce Acceleration and Optimization

If your ecommerce is not on track to double by 2021 then you are already falling behind your competitors. Ringer has the strategic, brand, content, tech capability and partnerships to put your ecommerce strategy on the fast track.

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